Mobile App Design and Development

Android/ IOS Developers in Wichita, KS

Turning your imagination into an interactive mobile App is what NetClix is known for. We have surrounded ourselves with the most creative Android/ iOS developers who have mastered the craft of mobile App development.

From creative android developers to highly experienced iOS developers, we got you covered!

Discuss your idea with us and we will create a refined App that is responsive, scalable, and cross-platform giving your audience or customers the best mobile user experience.

The Right Team

When designing our mobile apps we keep a tight focused team. So each of our mobile apps are designed, managed, and built by a team of two: 1 designer and 1 developer. They work together in a tight-knit team for most of the engagement to ensure technical feasibility and simplicity from start to finish. This means that your app always has checks and balances between the two. This allows for us to design each of our apps quickly and efficiently without all the bureaucracy that can come with larger teams. It also allows for clear communication between our clients, where information hasn’t passed through multiple hands before landing in the lap of the app designer and developer.

User Research

Your users bring a unique context with them. It’s our job to dive in to your users world and understand that context intimately so that we can apply it to the design and development of your application. These user-driven insights also provide valuable info to determine features for the first release of your application.

Intuitive Design

There are plenty of ways to frustrate your end-users when designing an app, and all of them come from a lack of fully understanding end-user intuition. Subtle, and not so subtle features for Android and iOS help determine many of the ways your users expect to interact with your application. We pay close attention to these subtleties and critical elements to ensure success with your users.


 We focus on Hybrid, Android and iOS applications for our client and internal projects. These two platforms are still in full control of the mobile experience, and our developers are well-versed in the nuances of each.

We work with a tight-knit team of highly experienced developers who are efficient in their craft and can deliver top-quality apps quickly and efficiently and we are based right here in Kansas. Our developers work closely with our design teams as well to ensure no technical and visual details are left unexplored and unrealized. An effective team of two (1 designer and 1 developer) is critical to the success of our engagements. Our teams work together from day one to ensure feasibility for your app’s features. This allows us to build out your application more efficiently than a lot of other teams.

Advanced Web Application & Database Development

Our seasoned team brings together a multitude of skillsets and experience to most of the top web app frameworks & languages used in any modern development. Anything from Node to Kotlin, and from Swift to React Native. We can develop the product you are looking for.

iOS & Android Mobile Apps, Cross-Platform & Native Development

Having the right product is critical to your business. Wether it’s a public mobile or tablet application or an internal mobile app created for your business, clients, and/or employees, our developers will create the right product to meet your users where they are! That’s why we develop mobile apps in variety of stacks including cross-platform apps written in React-Native or even natively written apps written in Swift & Kotlin. We have the expertise to deliver you the best product for your needs!

SaaS Platform & Digital Product Creation

 Software as a service platforms are about much more than just basic website design. They are a digital product that aims to build trust, and reliability among your users. This trust is what helps to create that recurring subscription based revenue for you while providing your clients with a cutting-edge digital experience. Taking the time to understand each of our clients needs is what we have become known for and why many of our clients come back to us time and time again.

Development Requires Many Skill Sets, So You’re Going to Get Our Whole Team!

Our team of expert developers have a very wide range of experience and technology expertise and that is why we can deliver a wide range of platform requirements, native design, and programming languages depending on your needs. We can work with your enterprise software, building custom APIs to interface with your new custom software. Customer mobile apps to back-end cloud integration, we’ve got you covered